Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Our goal is ‘NO ACCIDENT’, ‘NO HARM’ to People/society and ‘NO DAMAGE’ to the environment.

We are committed to:

  • Maintain HSE as a 'First Priority' and display in decision making processes and chain of command.
  • Aim to go beyond Compliance of Legal, Statutory and Regulatory Requirements.
  • Develop Comprehensive and Compulsory Action plan to fulfill our Commitments.
  • Deploy 'Best Practices' to continually improve HSE performance, and Benchmark with Superior Performance.
  • Establish systems and controls to correct 'AT RISK' behavior of our Employees, Contractor and Associates to eliminate potential risk.
  • Demonstrate in practice that HSE in an integral part of Business with defined Roles, Responsibilities and Accountability with performance standards, measures at every level.
  • Strive to minimize Environment Impact of our business and work towards regenerative processes.
  • Work towards building a Generative organization Culture, where everyone adopts Safe Practices rather than Reactive.
  • Do Right Things in First Place, Rather than correction of Deviations and Defects.
  • Provide and Channelize resource for implementation of HSE policy.
  • Imbibe work culture to improve togetherness in Team Behavior.
  • Create Work Environment that fosters harmony in Work life balance.
  • Evolve a system of competency building, recognition and reward to those who contribute to improvements in HSE performance.
  • Promote HSE culture through clear and effective communication with all the stake holders.
  • Review HSE policy periodically.

B. B. Mandan
Managing Director
Sabarmati Gas Limited

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