Operations and Maintenance Policy

Our Goal is 'Exemplary', 'ACCIDENT FREE', 'Uninterrupted', 'Economic Operation and Maintenance Services', 'NO HARM' to People/Society and 'NO DAMAGE' to the Environment.

We are committed to:

  • Deploy Best Practices to improve performance, benchmarking against Superior Performance.
  • Develop an Architecture defining Performance Drivers for Effective Management of 0 & M Practices.
  • Operate our business in a manner that is sustainable in the long term, serving the best interest of SGL, esteemed customers and associates.
  • Aim to go beyond Compliance of Legal, Statutory & Regulatory Requirements.
  • Consciously work towards minimizing Risk to People / Society and Environment.
  • Demonstrate in practice that O & M is an integral part of our Business with defined Roles, Responsibilities and Accountability with performance standards, measures at every level.
  • Work towards building a Generative Organization Culture, Creating harmonious Work Environment that fosters Team spirit and process of continual learning.
  • Do Right Things in First place and adopt Proactive practices rather than Reactive.
  • Sensitize O & M Team to the value rather than the cost in the Emerging Business Environment.
  • Promote O & M culture through clear and effective communication with all the stake holders.
  • Evolve a system of recognition & reward those who contribute to improvements in O & M performance.
  • Review O & M policy periodically.

B. B. Mandan
Managing Director
Sabarmati Gas Limited

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